1 | The only historical multimedia to discover Old Quebec

The multimedia exhibition Old Quebec in Augmented Reality and 3D  allows you to grasp the history of Old Quebec from -600 million years to  today: giant screen, 3D model , interactivity, Augmented Reality, etc.
2 | A modern day rally in Old Quebec with GPS
Discover the city, its history and its heritage by participating in one of our  GPS-guided GeoRallys: Fun GeoRally, Old Quebec Intramuros  with Guide (VQIM) or Old Quebec 2012.
Autonomous or guided according to the level

GROUP PRICES (price per person, plus taxes)

Combo GeoRallye fun + Old Quebec in RA and 3D $ 10
Historical Multimedia Old Quebec in Augmented Reality and 3D $ 4.50
Fun GeoRally with guide and GPS $ 6