Renting a car is an everyday affair if you’re late to work, returning from a party and other situations. However, it can be daunting to pay $45 for a single ride yet, sometimes availing a car rentals in Toronto is the only way to combat situations like the mentioned ones.

However, just because you’re renting a car doesn’t mean your pockets have to cry. Experts have combined several tips that’ll help you rent your car in a pocket-friendly way.

So here goes –

car rentals in toronto

Tip 1: Sleuth Around Online

You can check sites like, AAA, Kayak, Costco or Priceline to compare prices on car rentals in Toronto companies. Further, you can directly avail the sites of car hires to find out if there are extra discounts.

Now, once you find the best deal, request a quote and avail your car hire depending on the type of car, location and time taken for the rental.

Tip 2: Avoid airports

Airport surcharges are real and while it’s useful to rent a cab when you’re in a new city, it’s best to avoid one. However, if you’ve enough cash to spare then it’s okay to go for a car hire that’ll offer you the ride at the best price. You can also price out rental locations near the city and compare it to the price charged at the airport.

If it’s less, avail your car rentals in Toronto from the nearest location from the airport and pay less in your journey.

Tip 3: Choose Economy Cars

Economy cars are the ideal ones to pick when you’re availing a car hire. Hence, pick cars which are smaller in size, less fancy, requires less luggage space etc.

Moreover, if you’re traveling solo or as a duo, economy cars are the best option as they offer a cozy and comfortable ride.

toronto car rentals

Tip 4: Get a membership

You might have to pay at the beginning of membership, but at least, in the end, you can avail car hires at pocket-friendly rates. You can go for Costco membership as they offer a minimum of 10-8% savings.

Furthermore, if you are a frequent traveler, then it’s a good choice to get a membership as it’ll help you manage to finance the proper way.

Tip 5: Don’t Dodge Drivers

Certain rental companies charge extra fees for a new driver. Now, there are few ways to dodge this extra fee. Say, you’re traveling with a spouse then you’ll require having the same address on your driver’s license. Also, certain companies allow waiving of the driver’s fee if you’re traveling with a co-worker.

So, before hiring your car rentals in Toronto, shop online for finding companies that agree on relinquishing the rental fee.

car rental agency

Tip 6: Walk or avail of local transport

If the car hires seem too expensive for you then it’s best to go for public transportation or simply walking.

As most metropolitans of today have adequate transportation and walkable downtowns, it’s not that difficult to save money and do these. However, in case, you’ve luggage or are traveling to a different city, it’s best to go for a car rentals in Toronto to help you reach your destination safely.

So, there you go, next time you opt for car hire, use these above tips to help save extra money on traveling.