As Manitou is a leading company in the rough terrain forklift industry, it has come up with product lines and an independent trader network which has accepted it as one of the most famous brands in North America. Talking about performance, safety, operator comfort, serviceability and dependability, every Manitou forklift provides customers with efficiency and versatility for an array of applications and industries. Manitou forklifts for sale can help you to buy these essential forklifts at affordable prices for a smooth running of your business.

Types of Forklifts

manitou forklifts for sale

M Series Rough Terrain 4WD Forklift

These forklifts are designed with a 360-degree full vision along with suspension equipped cab, curved counterweight and ergonomic levers. This Manitou forklift is plotted with operator comfort, safety and visibility. They are available in volumes ranging from 6000 lbs to 11000 lbs and they are constructed for the toughest applications.

MH Series Rough Terrain 4WD Compact Forklift

These forklifts provide similar features as the MSI Series with on-command 4WD potentiality. This sequence of Manitou forklifts for sale is used for applications where overhead clearances and a compact turn radius are needed but still require the rough terrain capabilities.

MSI Series Semi-Rough Terrain 2WD Forklift

These types of forklifts are smaller and a more compact kind of the M Series forklift which concentrates on best handling, unbeatable traction, manoeuvrability and maintenance. They are built with the capability of 6000 lbs to 11000 lbs and offers capacities equal to the M Series in a semi-rough terrain style. Many websites come up with Manitou forklifts for sale as it is a famous brand.

Types of Telehandlers

manitou forklifts for sale

MT Series Telehandlers

MT Series Telehandlers are compact and constructed to carry out in confined spaces. It has features like well adjustability, ergonomic operator and very simple to use controls. These types of telehandlers have been planned with the operator in mind and attribute an optional encircled cab to ensure comfort in severe weather conditions.

MLT Series Telehandlers

These telehandlers meet the requirements of the agricultural community and they were elaborated with an ultra-compact design. Beginning from handling animal feed and bales till bulk loading and unloading of your items, these MLT Series Telehandlers are made for you.

MHT Series Telehandlers

MHT Series Telehandlers are the best solution for the clients who need a high capacity telescopic forklift. It consists of 19800 lbs to 72500 lbs capacity and lifting heights range from 22 inches to 36 inches. These MHT Series Telehandlers has a particular model which is suitable for every application.